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Our Most Common Questions and Answers

Why is my Garage Door Opener is Blinking and won't close?

Weather it is a Chamberlain garage door opener or a residential LiftMaster the number one cause for a blinking operator is the safety sensors or photo eyes. One sure fire way to determine that the sensors are at fault is bypassing them all together. We suggest pressing and holding the push button located on the wall. The garage door should cycle (run all the way down) if it makes it to the ground it is definitely a safety sensor issue. Best thing to try is re-aiming or checking the wiring on the back of the unit and the photo eye housings.

Why won't My Garage Door open?

Garage doors use a torsion spring to balance and lift the door. When your door cycles 10,000 plus times these torsion springs can break due to wear and tear. The best way to identify this is by looking above your door from the inside. Most doors have one to two springs attached to a torsion spring pole. When one of them breaks it'll be in two pieces and is easy to identify. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST NOT ATTEMPING TO OPEN THE DOOR OR PREFORMING ANY WORK ON THE TORISION SPRINGS. These springs can be under extreme tension and the best thing to do is call us immediately!! Pricing on these spring jobs depends on the height of your garage door and weight.

Why're my garage door remote controls not working or working intermittently?

Depending on the year or manufacture of your garage door opener we can determine the issue. Most Chamberlain openers and LiftMaster products use certain RF frequencies. One of the biggest most overlooked reasons for remote issues is LED light bulbs, yes I know light bulbs. LED light bulbs resonate on the same frequency as your remote and can interrupt the command. Try replacing those bulbs in your opener with CFLs or incandescent lights. Another reason could be a failing motherboard inside the unit. We use new remotes to troubleshoot this. Use a brand new remote if you can't get it to program or it programs but doesn't work it is likely a opener mother board issue. At this point calling Elite Garage Door Services maybe your best bet.

My door is off track what do i do?

First thing is do not try operating or lifting door. Best practice is to call us immediately and schedule a service call. In 90 percent of off-track doors we can rehang them in a short time, do a full service and be on our way. When A door comes off-track it can be very dangerous. We offer same day service so you never need to worry about getting the garage door back up and running.

What is the best solution if my operator arm breaks free from my door?

If your center stile has small cracks or splits like the pictures below it is best to get ahead of it the moment it happens. The J arm broke free probably due to a heavy unbalanced door or the door shutting on something. It is best to use an aftermarket part called a center stille support. This part bypasses the old stile and reinforces the whole door for smoother operations and much more durable arm connection. Contact Elite Garage Door Services and let us get ahead of the repair. If neglected it can become very costly. We service Bentonville, AR

Rogers, AR

Fayetteville, AR

Springdale, AR

and all of NWA

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